Dream Holidays — Lens-Artists Challenge #223

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by John of Journeys With Johnbo: Flights of Fancy.

My wife, Susan, grew up on re-runs of American 80s shows set around Santa Monica, Malibu & LA. This lead to dreams of visiting those places on holiday. Our first trip to the US together was to Houston, to A buffy the Vampire convention (yep, we’re nerds 🤓). After that, whilst still in the Navy, we made it across to Santa Monica & Malibu a few times. Susan has always been a huge fan of Ford Mustangs & we were able to rent them on our holidays.

Susan behind the wheel of a Mustang on the Pacific Coast Highway.

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Roof Down on Route 1 — Water Water Everywhere #73

Hi all 😁 Feel free to join in whenever you have a water picture to post (any type of water, in any state, will do). See below for how to join the fun 😁

A few archive shots from a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) in our favourite rental Mustang.

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Classics — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #70: Monochrome

Hi all 😁 When Patti posted the monochrome challenge, my thoughts immediately went to when my wife and I were visiting Santa Monica some years ago.

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