Mustang — Cellpic Sunday Feb 06

Hi all 😃 This is my latest post for John’s Cellpic Sunday.

Always great to see some American Muscle on this side of the pond, particularly if it’s a Mustang 😎

4 thoughts on “Mustang — Cellpic Sunday Feb 06

  1. Jez,
    Several years ago, on a visit to North Carolina, we rented a typical pedestrian vehicle for our visit. As we waited outside for someone to be available to retrieve our car, a yellow Mustang like this one, only a convertible, drove into the lot. I made an offhand comment to my wife that we should have rented that car.
    From behind me came a voice. “Would you like to take it?”
    Our agent had arrived to gather our car. Of course, I said, “Yes.”
    He told us it would only take a moment to change the details in the computer and that there would be no extra fees. He brought us the keys as soon as they cleared the vehicle from the previous rental. We had a great time in the yellow Mustang that week.

    1. Awsome, there’s nothing like crusing around in a Mustang convertible. We always rent a Mustang when we visit; last time we couldn’t believe our luck when we went out to the lot & there was a brand new convertible sat there for us, we kept expecting someone to come out & tell us we had the wrong car 😂

Great to hear your thoughts 😃