Guess Who? — Lens-Artists Challenge #211

Hi all šŸ˜ƒ My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Anne of Slow Shutter Speed: What’s Your Photographic Groove.

If you guessed Lensy, give yourselves a gold star & sweetie. Lensy is, of course, my particular Photographic Groove, but not my only one.

Lensball above the clouds
Lensball above the clouds

So first, my other grooves. Like Anne, I enjoy macro photography a lot, particularly capturing raindrops. These always work best in the summertime after some rain & the suns back out. This as also my post for Terri’s Sunday Stills: #Summertime.

Then, there are landscape shots in the spring or autumn; this is mainly for the low sun angle & great shadows, & the occasional lensflare.

…but now we get to the main feature. Lensy is obviously my favourite & features regularly in posts & pretty much goes wherever me & Snappy (he’s the camera go). Sometimes the shots are free hand, with Lensy in one hand & Snappy in the other. If possible, for a steadier shoooting platform, I’ll find somewhere for Lensy to sit, with or without his wee base. Summertime works well for Lensy as well with plenty of greens & blues. So, without further waffling from me, some of Lensy’s sights over the last couple of years.

24 thoughts on “Guess Who? — Lens-Artists Challenge #211

  1. Great results from your various groove. Lensy is of course very versatile, but I especially love that shot of the flower and house inside Lensy. It’s like a terrarium, very pretty.

  2. As you know I love Lensy and I was delighted to have him featured here. His reflections of the Kelpies are a particular favorite! All these photos are lovely Jez.

      1. I am doing physio is happy with my progress too. I think that I will be able to ride in anotherr 2 to 3 weeks. šŸ˜€

  3. Oh that Lensy, he sure gets around! My favorites (altho I love them all) are the more simple, like the blue rope and the candle. And of course that glorious orange tree!!

  4. Like many photographers you have more than one groove, Jez! I love those summer grass shots and the water droplets–like a lawn just watered! Of course you rock the lens ball groove! Thanks for sharing your summer and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Jez, you excel at whichever groove your in, I loved all your pictures. But lensy is the star. Of course he/she wouldn’t be anything without snappy. And neither would be anything without you I also name things. My car is Hot Momma. Great post and thanks for joining in.

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