Texture Up-Close — Lens-Artists Challenge #226

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Jude of Cornwall in Colours: Textures.


Sometimes textures can only be seen up close, so for Judes fantastic challenge, I thought I’d go down to the macro level with textures & look at the beauty more closely; starting with moss.

Pine cones

Tree bark

Fading rose

Closer & Closer & Closer

Metal Filings

Looking at some frozen textures…

Frozen dew on grass

Melting snow

Hoar frost

…and finally some textural fun with Lensy. These next shots show the rough with the smooth; the roughness of the bark with the soothness of Lensy…

…& sitting on a bed of moss.

These last 3 shots show some textures magnified by Lensy; frost & moss.

18 thoughts on “Texture Up-Close — Lens-Artists Challenge #226

  1. I love the moss shots with lens, and the ice. It was a creative look at the texture challenge. I also liked how you zoomed in to show a more detailed look at you subject.

  2. A wonderful gallery of textures, Jez! And Lensy…well, I just love the many ways you use this ball to brighten up the ways we see the world!

  3. I liked how you shared more than one shot of some of them. The fabric one was a surprise. It’s funny how our senses work together. I could perfectly feel the texture of the wilting rose bud.

  4. Wonderful response to the challenge. And Lensy is a STAR! what a great job he does showing the differences of smooth and textured and also magnifying the textures. Terrific!

  5. A macro lens is indeed the way to go to really see the minute details. You have got a lot of fabulous images here and I love the way you use lensy. If I had to choose one image then it would be that rose. The texture of that dried petal is wonderful. Thank you for sharing some very unusual textures Jez.
    Jude xx

Great to hear your thoughts 😃