Filling The Frame — Lens-Artists Challenge #275

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Anne of Slow Shutter Speed.

Lensy at the Canal
Lensy at the Canal

Filling the frame with macros is a great way to focus on the detail & not the background.

This old steam engine & carriages fills the frame & gives a good indication of speed & motion as it rumbles by.

Zooming in on this swan stretching its wings shows the feathers’ details. As Anne said, the eye fills in what is outside the frame in the zoomed-in shot.

In the last two challenges, I showed Lensy being used for both Symmetry & Asymmetry. This time, he’s front & centre; I’ve also used a narrow depth of field to make the image in Lensy the focus.

9 thoughts on “Filling The Frame — Lens-Artists Challenge #275

  1. Fun to see Lensy front and center this week Jez – as always, my favorites. Also loved your flowers. But my heart was stolen by what we used to call “helicopter leaves”. As kids we’d open them and put them on our noses. In hindsight, although I remember the laughter and fun, I find myself wondering how the heck we ever came up with such an idea!!!

Great to hear your thoughts 😃